Orthodontics is one branch of dentistry that radically improves the aesthetics and function of the oral cavity. It is very important for people who have problems with bites or teeth placed improperly in the dental arch. Orthodontic treatments that consist of skeletal problems (bite problems) can be performed at an early age, before puberty. While the dentoalveolar issue which includes adjustment of the direction of teeth has a greater tolerance in terms of the age of the patient to whom the orthodontic treatment will be performed. Depending on the individual problems of the patient, the treatment plan and the type of orthodontic appliance to be used vary. To give you an overview of orthodontic appliances, they are: removable, metal fixed, aesthetic fixed, and aligners (INVISALIGN), which is also the newest technology in the industry. 

Fixed metal appliances: They are the classic ones. They consist of metal brackets that are placed on each tooth and a thin horizontal wire that is placed in the middle of each bracket. The disadvantage of it is the lack of aesthetics and at the same time, the placement of this device requires great care for the maintenance of oral hygiene. During the period that the patient uses this fixed device, the doctor advises brushing the teeth with special brushes so that it penetrates even in the areas near the brackets for better cleaning to prevent the beginning of a carious process in any of the healthy teeth. Teeth should be brushed three times a day after meals, the mouth should be rinsed from time to time with a rinse solution that we use in our daily routine for oral hygiene. The patient may feel some little pain while getting used to the device but this is nothing to worry about.                                    

Fixed aesthetic appliances consist of ceramic brackets, with almost transparent colors that are placed on each tooth and are aesthetically very pleasing. Between each bracket passes a thin wire placed horizontally. Oral hygiene care must be very strict. With this device, we have as an advantage an improved aesthetics compared to the fixed metal device and equally successful results during the orthodontic treatment. 

ALIGNERS – INVIZALIGN - It is an avant-garde orthodontic appliance. It consists only of a very aesthetic transparent splint/aligner that is placed in the dental arch for at least 22 hours a day. With aligners ( INVISALIGN ) the treatment plan is computer programmed in 3D, offering maximum accuracy. To complete the repositioning of the teeth we will need several splints /aligners which are changed every 2-3 weeks. From the beginning of the process, the doctor will scan the 3D view of your teeth with a special scanner (3 SHAPE). Then, he defines a treatment plan digitally from start to finish. Before starting orthodontic treatment with aligners (Invisalign) you have the opportunity to see your final printed smile. The advantages are several: It is aesthetic, comfortable, dental hygiene is very easy to maintain as the transparent aligner can be removed to be cleaned and then replaced again. With this technique is provided the treatment of a series of orthodontic problems as in deciduous or permanent dentition where we can mention: the crowded teeth, the closure of the gap between the two front teeth, the adjustment of the open bite, the crossbite, the deep bite, tooth position, etc. The orthodontic treatment lasts 6 months to 2 years. This depends on the type of problem being treated, the progress, and some other individual factors of the patient. 


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