Tooth extraction – A surgical treatment is a necessity in many cases. The most basic surgical procedure is the removal of a tooth (extraction). This intervention is the last choice in the list of dental treatments after the doctor has evaluated every other treatment option but without a positive result or indications. Extraction of one or more teeth is needed in case the tooth is broken as a result of a trauma that has damaged the crown or its root, when the apical infection is incurable, for orthodontic reasons, periodontal pathology, when the tooth or teeth are left in jaw, erupted or unerupted supernumerary teeth, misplaced teeth, wisdom teeth, ankylosed deciduous teeth that impede the normal eruption of permanent teeth in children, tooth roots left in the dental arch, etc 

In addition to tooth extraction, as surgical intervention in our SANART clinic, we also offer: 

Apical resection of anterior and posterior teeth – It is an intervention that is recommended when the root of the tooth is very infected and endodontic methods can’t give the desired result. This technique enables the preservation of the tooth in the arcade and the prevention of the spread of the infection in the area around its root. 

Tooth crown lengthening – It is necessary to extend the tooth crown for aesthetic and prosthetic reasons. This procedure is performed by reshaping and adjusting the gingiva and surrounding bones. 

Gum remodeling – For improved aesthetics and a beautiful smile. It consists of restoring the normal anatomy of the gums when they have hyperplasia or are inflamed. In these cases, the patient can distinguish with the naked eye the change of the gingiva in shape, color, or in its normal level. 

Upper, lower lip, and tongue frenulum repositioning – Significantly improves speech problems. Correction and non-advancement of the diastema are performed. An abnormally grown frenulum of the lower lip affects the root exposure of the lower teeth. 

Recovery of exposed roots – This problem is caused as a result of periodontal disease, occlusal trauma, use of sharp brushes unsuitable for brushing teeth, etc. 

Alveotomy This procedure involves removing part of the jaw bone to make it possible to remove an unerupted or partially erupted tooth. Most often used for the removal of the wisdom tooth. 

Sinus Lift – After dental extractions in the upper jaw, maxillary sinus pneumatization and bone resorption occur. To correct it, periodontal bone grafting and bone grafting procedure are used in which the patient’s bone or artificial material replace the missing bone and then following with the placement of a membrane over the bone graft site to encourage new bone to grow in the area of the bone defect. Through this technique, we make it possible to create suitable conditions for the placement of dental implants which are inserted after 6-9 months after the new bone is formed. 

Split Crest – Helps us when the patient has bone height but insufficient thickness. Jaw bone expansion, artificial bone, and implant placement are performed. 

Bone Augmentation – When a part of the bone from the jaw is completely lost as a result of trauma or severe resorption, allogeneic and autogenous bone augmentation is performed to provide prosthesis or implant placement. 

PRF – (Plate Reach Fibrine) – Blood sampling to produce fibrin which serves to accelerate wound healing and protect the wound from infections. 


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