They say that there is no competition with a natural tooth. And it is true. We consider the tooth as a precious diamond that we must take care of, appreciate and treat with care. However, often against our will, it happens that we lose one or several teeth, as a result of carelessness of oral hygiene or various pathologies of the oral cavity, or general condition. Fortunately, we have a good ally and friend in these cases. It is the implant. Some will call it a miracle, some will call it a golden opportunity. The implant is the best imitation of a natural tooth. It replaces both the root and the crown of the tooth in a very optimal way. A titanium screw is inserted in the patient’s jaw initially, where we have a missing tooth. Its material is the most compatible and does not cause allergies or complications. After insertion of the implant into the jaw, a period of 2 to 4 months is required for the titanium screws to be fully attached to the bone. Then, we continue with the overlap of a special structure that imitates the structure of the tooth prepared for the placement of the final crown. Implant placement is possible for people over 18 years old. Implant success is over 97%. Factors such as diabetes, the condition of the gums and the entire periodontium, oral hygiene, smoking, alcohol abuse, menopause, osteoporosis, systemic diseases, etc. affect the success of the implant. The implant may be used to replace a single tooth or is placed to be used as a supporting tooth for prosthesis placement. 

The complete restoration of the teeth is realized by placing 4, 6, or 8 dental implants for each arcade on which the fixed, immovable dentures will be supported, and in this way, the total removable denture which has its aesthetic and functional disadvantages is avoided. If you have lost your teeth, we will get them back to you. With professionalism, we offer you the best, individual solution. 

The best implants in the world :


Instant implant - The placement of the implant in the jaw can be done immediately, at the time when the removal of the tooth that will be replaced is performed. This is called a post-extraction implant. This procedure preserves the anatomical structures of the bone. It shortens the treatment time and is less traumatic for the patient. 


Immediate loading – The patient comes to the clinic with an infected tooth. Tooth extraction, implant placement, and dental crown are performed instantly, within the same session. The whole procedure requires 30 minutes to 1-hour maximum. 

Whereas the tooth has been missing for a long time, two techniques are used for implant placement: 

Classic technique – During this intervention the doctor incises the soft tissues to proceed with the exposure of the bone where the implant will be inserted. The duration is around 40 minutes. 

Surgical Guide – Lasts only 15 minutes. During this intervention, it is not necessary to incise the soft tissues at the area where the implant placement will be prepared. This technique is performed without pain or swelling and with minimal bleeding. The patient returns to his daily routine immediately. In optimal cases, the patient leaves the clinic with new teeth in the mouth.

PRF – (Plate Reach Fibrine) - Blood sampling to produce fibrin which serves to accelerate wound healing and protect the wound from infections. 


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