Ceramic dental veneers – These are thin layers of ceramic that integrate into the front of 10-12 natural front teeth. A very minimalist decortication is realized for their placement. They are applied on morphologically undamaged teeth, uncolored, on vital, healthy teeth. They mimic the morphology of the tooth where they are placed and improve aesthetics instantly. Veneers do not undergo color changes over time as they are highly resistant to contact with various pigments found in foods or beverages. 

Emax Veeners / Disilicate, enable you an excellent aesthetics thus eliminating unpleasant tooth discoloration or marks, scratches as a result of old damaged fillings. They are mini-invasive. To place Emax Veeners veneers the patient must have a good periodontitis condition so that the work has an excellent result and the lifespan that varies from 5 to 20 years. The main criterion for a long life is the maintenance of oral hygiene. 

Zirconia and All-Ceramic Crowns 

All-Ceramic crowns are cosmetic dental restorations used to cap or completely cover a tooth. The All-Ceramic crown can be the best choice for restoring a tooth that is cracked or broken or a tooth that is badly damaged and cannot be corrected with a veneer. 

High translucent zirconia/all ceramic can be used for posterior crowns and is particularly suitable for anterior crowns. 

Benefits : Strength and durability, Natural look, No metal absorption, Reduced sensitivity – no conducting temperature, metal-free so less allergic, 100% biocompatible, no dark gingival margin, and bond well with your teeth. 

  • IMES ICORE – VHF – 3 SHAPE (Scaner3D) – SMART OPTICS (Scaner3D)

Teeth whitening is a very aesthetically preferred procedure, especially in the last decade. This treatment is preferred by patients who want to have whiter teeth even without pronounced teeth discoloration or patients who have moderate changes in teeth color. The patients of the second group are those who have a real aesthetic problem. The color change comes as a result of genetics, older age, enamel quality (individual characteristics), the use of specific medications where we can mention antibiotics or colored drinks that affect the alteration of teeth whitening. 


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