Periodontology treats the disease that affects the periodontium which involves the soft and hard tissues around the tooth. 

Your gum does not look normal? 

In a healthy oral cavity, the tooth is surrounded by light pink, attached, and firm gingiva, and the tooth has no distinct mobility. This stability is ensured by the periodontal ligament located as a union between the bone and the tooth. There is no bleeding or pain when brushing your teeth. 

In the conditions of periodontal disease, this normality is damaged. Concern can be irritation and inflammation of the gingiva around the tooth in a localized or diffused area. We see swollen gums, accompanied by mild pain. There are also changes in the color of the gingiva which changes from pink to red or even dark mauve. The patient notices bleeding while brushing his teeth, feels heavy gums, and in some cases itching. The gingiva begins to detach, creating spaces (gingival pockets) that become areas for food and microbial accumulation. These accumulations favor further progression of the disease if proper treatment is not obtained. 

Do your teeth have mobility? Is this pathological? 

 The mobility of the tooth is a serious problem that can aggravate to the complete loss of it. The tooth can detach from the bone/dental alveolus. 

Exposed tooth roots: 

Tooth exposure is also part of periodontal disease. In a healthy condition, the tooth is covered with attached gingiva. In these cases, the patient begins to have annoying sensitivity in the exposed area. 


The main cause of periodontal diseases is poor oral hygiene, incorrect tooth fillings, old fillings, damaged or irregular toothbrushes or dentures which create a favorable environment for bacterial deposits. Other causes are known to be: genetic predisposition, use of specific medications (antidepressants) stress, diabetes, pregnancy, chronic diseases such as epilepsy or heart disease. 


As a primary treatment for periodontal diseases, in their initial stage, we suggest professional cleaning of dental plaque, stains and tartar with special ultrasound devices. This professional cleaning removes any dirt and microbial agents even in the most difficult areas by polishing and treating teeth and roots. In this way we prevent the progression of the disease or its termination if it is in the early stages of progressing. 

If the doctor evaluates that the periodontal disease is caused or affected by irregular fillings, damaged dental crowns or prosthetic placements, the dental fillings and the prosthetic placements that are harmful to your health should be replaced. 

The treatment continues with professional and personalized advice according to the need and condition of the patient, among which we can mention: the regular use of common antiseptics or medical solutions containing chlorhexidine which successfully alleviate the signs of periodontal disease. 

Dental Fluoridation – for patients who are predisposed to develop tooth decay. Fluoridation is performed by varnish or gelatinous products. 

Dental Herbotherapy – Dental pocket sterilization (Most innovative procedure) 

In cases when we have the presence of infection, antibiotics, antifungals are used. 

Therapeutic and medicinal ways are not always enough. In more advanced cases of the disease, surgical intervention becomes necessary. We can mention open and closed curettage 

The excessive mobility of the teeth is treated with orthopedic methods, among which we mention prosthetics, dental slides, or welding of teeth.


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