Simple composite fillings – White fillings 

The bacterial plaque that coats the teeth causes the tooth structure to break down little by little. This damage begins by affecting the enamel structure, which is the top layer of each tooth, and then, if left untreated, the damage continues to penetrate the dentin structure of the tooth, which lies beneath the enamel layer. Prevention of damage to the enamel layer is very important; therefore, consultations and control examinations are advised to the dentist every 6 months. 

Enamel is the strongest protective layer of the tooth. After its absorption, microbial may advance very easily into the tooth dentin, which as a structure is less strong. 

Tooth decay varies in both depth and position. Depending on the degree of damage to the crown of the tooth as well as the affected area, the treatment also varies. 

If the damage of the tooth crown has not progressed enough to affect the dental pulp or the nerve as it is called in the common language, then the simple reconstruction of the tooth with a white filling (composite) is applied, which in our clinic has the highest quality. 

White fillings + Rootcanals treatment 

If the carious process progresses by touching the dental pulp, the patient begins to feel pain and goes to the doctor. In these conditions, it becomes necessary to clean the damaged tissue in the tooth crown and remove the infected dental pulp. Next, the root canals where the healthy pulp was previously located are cleaned and treated before filling them. The care shown during work for each part of each treatment guarantees a very satisfactory result that lasts over time. This procedure is called endodontic treatment, in which, in addition to removing the pulp and filling the dental canals, the crown of the tooth is reconstructed with composite. 

Tooth reconstruction with glass screws 

Often, when the crown is badly damaged, for the reconstruction of the tooth structure, in addition to the composite, small special screws also come to our aid. These screws increase the durability of the work. The screws we use are made of glass, aesthetic, and with high suitability without causing the tooth to break, as happens in the case of using small metal screws which in many cases after a while cause tooth breakage. 


In 80% of cases, an endodontic treatment also requires the placement of a dental crown in the impossibility to achieve a stable tooth crown through filling with composite with or without the help of screws. 

How long does it take for endodontic treatment? Within a session. Without pain. 

This answer excludes cases of endodontic treatments where the apex of the tooth and the area around it are infected. This treatment requires several sessions to complete the treatment of the root infection. In cases where even endodontic treatment does not give the desired result, a surgical intervention called apical resection is advised See Surgical Services


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