A thorough examination is required before each dental service. 

The most efficient way is the radiographic examination which has a very important role and without which it would be difficult to establish the optimal diagnosis and treatment plan. 

Radiographic examination is necessary to check the condition of soft and hard tissues, invisible to the naked eye, and to detect and analyze various problems related to the positioning of the teeth, their roots, bone problems, apical infections, cyst, etc. This examination is necessary for both, the most basic and the most problematic dental treatments. It is required before the dental treatment and at the end of it in most cases. 

Radiographic examination is recommended to be done at least every 2 years. 

Radiography in our clinic is performed only with digital equipment. 

Small Radiographs

focus on one or two teeth – ALL FREE!


Reflects both maxillary and mandibular dental arches

TAC volumetric Dentalscan

TAC volumetric Dentalscan in 3D cone beam - used in implantology


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